If I were to describe myself with one word, it would be “passionate.”

This is my biggest strength. But it is also my biggest weakness. Because when I pick up new passions, they often take over my life (at least for a little while). It can be anything. It can be a topic, like theoretical physics or the French Revolution. It can be a hobby, like writing or graphic design. It can be a work of art—a film, an album, a painting, etc. You name it.

For example, you will probably never meet somebody who loves the film Lost in Translation as much as I do. To merely say that it is my favorite film of all time would marginalize the extent to which I am passionate about it—because it has truly changed my life. It found me when I was “lost” and shaped the way I view love, the way I view existence, the way I view life itself. And although I watch it probably 10 times a year, I spend even more time just thinking about it—even the idea of it. It is my single greatest source of inspiration.

But my biggest passion of them all is soccer.

Ever since I got cut from JV as a freshman in high school, it has been my perpetual motivator. I started playing 10 times a week. I started rapidly improving. I started having so much fun. And by the time I led JV in both goals and assists a year after getting cut from it, I realized that soccer would play a major role in my entire life. I wanted to keep playing. I wanted to keep improving. I wanted to keep watching games. I wanted to keep learning.

Soon enough, I realized that I want to be a coach. I want to share my passion with others, I want to train & motivate new players, and I know that this is my calling. I don’t view it as a job—or an obligation. I view it as something I would do for free if I could. It is, quite simply, what I want to do for the rest of my life. There is nothing I would rather do than live in Madrid as a novelist and a coach in La Fábrica—the Real Madrid Academy.

So if you would like to play a role in my coaching journey, please let me know.

Luke Atkins

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