Here is a list of the things I will generally bring to training:

  1. Nike Mercurial Vapors (see below).
  2. Running shoes (optional).
  3. Large bag of regular size 5 balls.
  4. Size 1 balls/tennis balls (for extra ball control).
  5. Mini goals.
  6. Mini cones.
  7. Agility latter.
  8. 32-ounce Nalgene Wide Mouth water bottle.
  9. Propel (electrolytes are key).
  10. A list of drills for the day.


As an avid soccer cleat collector, enthusiast, and salesman who owns 15 pairs—and has been the “Cleat Specialist” at “Not Just Soccer” for 4 years—I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get the right pair of cleats. It can make or break your player’s game. There are so many variables (weight, length, width, texture, material, heel height, durability, etc.)—and the most expensive ones aren’t always the best fit. For example, although I own 5 different pairs of $300 cleats, I am 100% positive that I have always played my best when wearing the (much cheaper) Nike Mercurial Vapors.